Sunday, 8 May 2016

Black-headed Wagtail Whitesands

A Black-headed Wagtail dropped into the 'Woodchat Field' next to the Cabin Track, south-east corner of the GC at about 8:15 this morning. It obligingly followed the horses around the cleared areas between the brambles. I couldn't relocate it after struggling to get the news out due to signal and phone problems (many thanks to Rich Brown again for being communications manager). It may still have been present however and Jon B and Owen Roberts were going to look. It's challenging to see all the grassy areas where the horses feed. The bird called like 'flava/flavissima' rather than the strident call of 'ffeldeg' I'm used to but at least one twitter correspondent (sorry forgotten your name) has suggested this can be quite a common thing. If anyone can contribute re the call I'd be glad to hear from you. A few snaps, quickly put together, I'll post more, when sorted, in mikesbirdnotes.