Saturday, 14 May 2016

Marloes area

Much the same as Derek & Brian this morning, I too had a single drake Garganey, from the Oriole (North) Hide (my 4th attempt!).  Also a pair of Shelduck, and a single Lapwing at the west end - interesting at this time of year.  In the same area a Fox was seen fleetingly carrying a black & white bird of some description....hard to scale but it was either a gull, a Shelduck or a Lapwing.  Not a lot else during my circular walk from Martin's Haven except for a big Greenland Wheatear and a couple of Chough.  At least 8 Stonechat territories between the Deer Park and the Mere.

Pic below of yesterday's Hoopoe at Broad Haven (South) courtesy of Drew Buckley - smart!