Friday, 21 October 2016

Wiston area - some winter migrants

We walked along some more minor roads this afternoon. This time near Wiston, noting general wildlife in the area. There seemed to be quite good numbers of redwings around - feeding on hawthorn berries (quite a good fruiting season it seems). Probably in excess of 100 birds were involved, but spread out in small feeding flocks through 3-4 one km squares.

In addition there were at least 20 fieldfares feeding on the berries along-side other thrushes. Two bramblings were present with numerous chaffinches in one area, and at least one additional brambling was heard in a separate one km square. A single male blackcap was observed feeding on the edge of Wiston wood. Starlings were heading over to the Slebech reedbed. They've been roosting there for a few weeks now at least, but still in quite low numbers. Several hundred flew over there from the Wiston direction this evening.