Sunday, 23 October 2016

Yellow-browed warbler, Marloes

Yellow-browed warbler same spot as previous weeks near Goose Cottage. A few Goldcrests there and along road to Martins Haven.  3 large waves of Starlings flying west c20,000 in total. Distant Starlings and Jackdaws murmurating over Skomer. c150 Lapwings in 2 groups in Trehill fields (50 and 102). Redwings passing in small groups of 6-10 all morning with wave after wave coming in from off sea heading east. And a few in braken on Deer Park. A Merlin hunting near Wooltack Point headed out to intercept a flock, only to suddenly turn back. A Peregrine was coming with them from Skomer! The Peregrine casually veered to the side and next thing it had a Redwing in its talons and headed back to Skomer. Only single Fieldfare.
Small groups of Chaffinch coming in and a few Blue tits. 3 small straw coloured short-tailed birds giving an ou-lee call fluttered over head had me thinking Woodlark! But not heard clearly. An adult Med gull in Jack Sound with dozen BH gulls.  Snipe and 2  Curlew on coast path back to Marloes Mere.