Tuesday, 1 November 2016

The Squacco Heron seems to have moved to Narberth, then where?

Late this afternoon, I had a telephone call from a gentleman who reported that a squacco heron had been in his garden today on the edge of Narberth. It had visited his garden pond but because it is netted over, probably found it to be an unsuitable feeding area.

He took some good photos apparently and I'm hopeful that he'll send an example or two to post later. Apparently the bird flew off and is no longer visiting the garden.

Assuming it is the same bird that was on on the Cleddau recently, it appears to have moved approx 13 km NE. Perhaps it's gradually moving on in a general eastward direction? If so, where might it turn up next? At another garden pond, or at one of the small fishing pools over that way? Perhaps it'll be seen next in Carmarthenshire?

Late this afternoon Annie did her usual several km walk around the block at Martletwy. Not many birds of note but she managed to see a flock of five yellowhammers feeding in rough grassland (a favoured area for them over here).

They are just about clinging on as a breeding species over here, helped by several small fields regularly sown with cereals and maintaining weedy stubble patches in the autumn and well into the winter. These fields seem to provide a good food source, and often attract other species too such as reed buntings and chaffinches etc.