Friday, 4 November 2016

Yellow-browed Warblers in Pembs

Though we don't get the huge numbers recently recorded in the North and East of Britain, nevertheless it's interesting to see how the status of Yellow-browed Warblers has changed in the County. In the 5 year period 1996-2000 there were 6 records; between 2001 and 2005 there were 37; between 2006-2010 the total was 44 and had increased to 60 between 2011-2016. This year alone the total, as far as I can see, is well over 30. It's strange to think that Skomer had only its second record as recently as 1994. It's hard to know why this increase has happened, unlike Red-flanked bluetail there's no evidence of range expansion to the west but long may it continue I say. There may still be a few more to come this year but there it is certainly worth looking out for wintering birds in Pembrokeshire, there have been two or three found in recent years and our sheltered valleys can be ideal havens even in hard winters.