Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Starling roost

It's interesting to note Kim's observation that the Dudwell roost was unoccupied this evening.

Whilst in Haverfordwest late this afternoon we noted large flocks heading east. We assumed that these birds were heading for the Slebech roost (most likely to the Miscanthus roost to the north of the reedbed site we reported a few days ago).

We noted a thousand or so starlings feeding near Castlemorris earlier in the day, but numbers there seemed quite low for the time of year.

It's often more likely that the Slebech roost is deserted by the end of December when they have presumably moved to Dudwell. It will be interesting to see if and when they move back to Dudwell.

A male kestrel was hunting near Castlemorris (at Corsydd Llangloffan) but otherwise it was generally fairly quiet bird-wise there early this afternoon.

We had a brief look at the sea at Amroth yesterday afternoon having undertaken a mainly woodland walk. Scoters were far off shore so we didn't even try to estimate numbers. Singles of great crested grebe and red-throated diver were a bit more obvious closer to the shore. Also about 20 summer-plumage guillemots in quite a tight rafting flock.