Thursday, 1 December 2016

That wagtail yesterday and Bosherston Lakes today

Being such a beautiful day, yesterday we decided to make the journey, like many others, over to Camrose to admire the roof-top resident. We must say well done Jon and other local residents, and to Richard et al, for sorting out the logistics to enable folk to visit the area to see it. A fantastic effort all round.

There there must now be an accumulating file with many digital images of the bird in it.  Here are a couple more anyway, just for the record. We imagine that those lichen-rich roofs will be among the most viewed and photographed roofs in Britain by the end of the year - any new lichens to be discovered?

This morning we had a lovely walk around Bosherston Lakes. There was a thin ice cover over most of the open water, but where the water was ice-free there were reasonable numbers of waterfowl present including: not less than 29 goosanders, about a dozen gadwall, at least 8 female/immature tufted ducks, the female scaup, and 7 goldeneye. We think there were at least 3 kingfishers darting about, often perching in lake-side trees near unfrozen areas.

There is something really special about these still, frosty, sunny blue-sky winter days - possibly because they are so rare!