Monday, 26 December 2016

The Gann

Heavily disturbed this afternoon, so I scoped the lagoon from Crabhall, 19 Grey Plover, 7 Redshank - inc "Black A1"  - also a ringed Oystercatcher (05?)  feeding on its own, wading out to swimming depth, feeling for water snails with it's feet picking them up & wading back too knee depth before prising them out of the shell, roughly one a minute so some 15 molluscs were gorged while I was trying to read the ring. 7 Bartails, 8 Little. Grebes, another drake Goldeneye has joined the other three now. Also one Greenshank, Kingfisher, 2 Med Gulls, one Snipe. 9 Brent's on the sea as was the G/C Grebe.