Saturday, 14 January 2017

Castlemartin Corse - WEBS

WEBS this morning with Rob and Christine Lewis and Mike Robinson. A bright if bracing morning on the Corse. No ducks apart from one drake mallard heard, the site still being very dry, 24 greylag were in the usual area upstream from the conifer clump. The fen meadow and damp fringes of the reedbed were lifting with snipe - we counted 234 (and one jack snipe) but the real total could well have been much higher. 350 lapwing were on a field on Kilpason Burrows where slurry had been spread.

A buzzard, a sparrowhawk - and 2 marsh harriers! Our regular female was hunting most of the time we were there, settling for a while on a patch of flattened reeds near the hide. Later  a second female appeared, slighty less well marked as the first one, and the two had a brief mid-air tumble before separating again.