Sunday, 22 January 2017

Castlemartin peninsula

Made a visit to Castlemartin this afternoon. Not too much to report, but it was nice to see a flock of 45 grey plovers roosting in a quiet spot in the middle of Frainslake Beach (they'd possibly moved over there from a usual roost site on rocks at Freshwest - being quite busy there today). In addition, c. 30 ringed plovers and 75 curlew were also roosting nearby on the beach.

A single merlin flew over the dunes. Later an adult male sparrowhawk seemed to be trying his luck with blackbirds preparing to roost near Frainslake millpond.

Yesterday, on our way from Angle Bay over to Bosherston Lakes late in the afternoon, a couple of hundred golden plovers were at Kilpaison near the Angle road. At the lakes goosander numbers seemed quite good - we saw at least 38.

Nothing of any real significance to report from Angle Bay really, but it was still nice to get good close views of 14 bar-tailed godwits roosting with at least 10 knot. The usual waterfowl here included at least 6 pale-bellied brents, plus a few pintail and shoveler.