Saturday, 11 February 2017

The Gann

Following Brian`s post, I too had another look at the AM, first visit around 3pm I found it on the lagoon, second visit it was on the sea with the Eurasian flock. Something put them up & I remembered  at this point when Dave, a few weeks ago took a random shot of the Lapland Bunting flock at Trehill to try & get some kind of image, so as the ducks gained height I pressed the shutter....
Bigger targets I know but maybe slightly more fortuitous, does the bird towards the right with the prominent white wing patch have a darker band along it`s "armpit"? Was it luck or just a trick of the light?
On the sea 8 Med Gulls, 24 Brent, 3 GC Grebes, 2 GN Divers.