Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Black Guillemots -- Fishguard

They are back....a pair in breeding plumage were back in the harbour yesterday. Adrian was watching them from the Flagpoles, though a walk along the Inner Breakwater is likely to give the best views looking towards the ferry docking wall.
This is the 10th year that at least one pair of Black Guillemots have been present in Fishguard Harbour.
The birds have returned on cue, and  I guess will be seen regularly until August when they usually leave with their juvenile.

(photo June 2009 - Cliff Benson)

Back in 2007 and 2008, we (Adrian, Steve B, Cliff and myself)  watched the birds daily, and proved successful breeding. Since then we have presumed breeding due to the adults following identical patterns of behaviour as we observed in those intensively watched years.
On a few occasions, three breeding plumage adults have been seen around the nest site entrance, though we have never really suspected more than one pair breeding......yet !

Please let us have any observations of these enigmatic birds.....the most southerly breeding Black Guillemots in England and Wales and many thanks to all regulars and visiting birders for updates on the presence of birds in the harbour over the past years.