Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Ramsey and St Davids

Apologies for lack of postings of late, had a few technical issues accessing this blog - back on track now it seems! Quick Ramsey catch up - 8 pairs of breeding chough plus 1 non breeding territorial pair, 2 pairs SEO, 3 pairs of little owl, min 8 pairs of house martin (but likely to increase), 1 pair each of spotted flycatcher, chiffchaff and woodpigeon adding to the Ramsey 'woodland suite'! Other breeding data to come

Red kites have been seen almost daily for the past 8 weeks, initially taking advantage of lambing afterbirth and now a glut of dead rabbits as RVHD kicks in (max flock of kite 20)

In other news - Sarah Beynon's father had a turtle dove in his garden in St Davids yesterday (29/5)