Sunday, 18 June 2017

Skokholm Myrtle

What a day! The Yellow-rumped Warbler, found singing in the Courtyard by Giselle this morning (and apparently singing prior to our arrival) went quiet in the middle of a scorching day. More active this afternoon, happily so for the nine people that made it over to see it. The plan is to have another 1400hrs boat tomorrow if the bird is still here. However Monday mornings are our guest changeover mornings so we will be very busy from 0700-1030. I'll be here from about 0500 and will put news out either way just before the guest boat arrives. Things will then go quiet from here until 1030 (our apologies). If you're interested in coming over, contact Dale Sailing to book a place (office opens at 0800). There will be no boat if the bird is not located.
The bird became more active during the twitch and when we returned from seeing the boat off we soon saw it flying high over the Cottage. It was relocated just now in one of the Heligoland Traps (so it's exploring a wider area than it has been and is seemingly flighty).
In the hand it was found to have good fat reserves but little in the way of muscle (so it is seemingly feeding well and putting on weight after a long flight).