Thursday, 20 July 2017

The indoor cuckoo

Cuckoos are on the move now, as shown by some recent postings, and one was recorded on a fence post on Stackpole Warren last week by Stewart Ryan of NRW.  A cuckoo indoors, though, is more likely to be a cuckoo clock!  

However, a couple of days ago Madeline Tasker in Llangwm heard a thud, and then found a juvenile cuckoo in her living room - it had probably hit the glass door with a glancing blow and was slightly concussed.
A few hours later it was showing no inclination to leave, and was making itself at home.
Madeline says - the Cuckoo.....paid no attention to water or garden worms (Madeline couldn't find any caterpillars in the garden) ...... hopped onto a chair and then vanished.......and then came back on the chair......and some time later heard some birds out side and flew  into the window from the inside.....but it must be pretty robust, it just sat on the windowsill, so we picked it up from behind and put it on top of a hedge and straightaway it flew off, a bit rocky at first, but soon in a high powerful sweeping curve.......