Thursday, 28 December 2017

Slebech Starlings

We caught up with the Starling roost this evening: simply amazing (for numbers), but not spectacular (no wind, and no raptors, so the birds flew in straight and fast, and roosted immediately).

But the numbers are astonishing: multiple large flocks of (many) tens of thousands, almost all coming from the North, from just before 1600 to around 1625. We have never seen this number of birds when it was at the “old”  roost in Slebech reedbeds, and it felt to us to be at least comparable with the high numbers seen at Plumstone in previous years.

There seem to be four fields of miscanthus, and the roost seems to be in the SW field, approx grid SN 035 145. Park at the lay-by at SN 037 151.