Saturday, 6 January 2018

Castlemartin Corse

I met Andy Bookless in the hide - he'd had a brief view of a harrier heading upstream a little earlier. As it was quiet there we headed inland to look at the flooded meadows upstream of the pine trees. Still no ducks apart from a couple of mallard, (and a small flock of teal over the reedbed) but there were 52 greylags and a single Whooper swan
 - Andy took some record shots.

On the way back to the hide, we had a brief view of a female marsh harrier - it looked like the less well marked of the two birds that have been around recently. Once there the more brightly marked female marsh harrier put on a fine display. I didn't even try to count snipe (or lapwing) as we're doing a proper count later in the week, but would guess snipe totals to be in excess of the 430 seen last time. I put a modest 400 on Birdtrack, but I'm sure it was much higher. We put up huge numbers in a quest for jack snipe.