Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Westfield Pill this morning, Fishguard Harbour late this afternoon

Having to have a vehicle MOT at Neyland this morning, allowed us to have a couple of hours in the Westfield Pill area. It was a beautiful warm, sunny, spring morning. Pretty well all the resident woodland birds were in full song, including at least one chiffchaff (a new arrival or one that had over-wintered?). The heronry was in full swing with at least 9 occupied nests, some birds were incubating, 2-3 were probably at the final nest-building phase.
Two of at least nine active nests today
How many small heronries (including single breeding pairs) go unnoticed, we wonder? It would be great (in this the 90th anniversary year of the national heronry census) if all known heronries could be counted in the county this year. The BTO web-site has more details link here.

Later in the day we had a walk over to Pen Anglas from Goodwick. Various resident species were noted but there were no obvious migrants.

A red-throated diver was feeding down in Fishguard bay where we also noted a common sandpiper briefly flying along the inner breakwater - presumably an overwintering bird? Other than a couple of dunlin passing through, it seemed fairly quiet here too.