Monday, 7 May 2018

Brent Goose J1

Just had a prompt reply from Graham McElwaine,  re the Brent at the Gann, it has quite an interesting  history.
It's 6 yrs old, Male, ringed on 17/03/14 at Killough Bay Ireland where it's been seen every Autumn / Spring since, Winters in N France at Havre de Regneville (as does "U3"- still?)  however  this Winter may be different as it's been seen on Herm C.I. the Exe Estuary & now the Gann.
Graham is of the opinion that the fog in the Irish Sea has made the journey across impossible - yesterday's jaunt with Brian on the Marloes Peninsula is testament! - but there are a few more precise details of  it's last few weeks movements to come. Fascinating stuff. Watch this space....