Friday, 8 June 2018

Breeding Kestrels 2018

It has been a late start to the breeding season for most of the kestrel pairs in Pembrokeshire in 2018, with some traditional nest sites unoccupied. The nest box near the mast at Wauncleddau was occupied by tawny owls this year following nine consecutive years of use by kestrels. A male kestrel was roosting in the box in February, but was not seen subsequently and was was presumed to have succumbed in the blizzards of early March, though there is a possibility that the tawny owl pair ousted him from his roost site. It is surprising that tawny owls would use the box given that there are no trees there apart from the occasional isolated willow or hawthorn bush.

So far this year, ten occupied kestrel territories have been recorded, with the pair at Precipe Bay, Manorbier being the most advanced, currently with five three-week old chicks. Most of the others are still on eggs, including the pair at St Justinians which has often fledged young by this date in previous years. Other pairs are at Cemmaes Head, Ceibwr, Pwll Deri, Solva, Ricket's Head, Druidstone, Valero Refinery, with an unpaired female at Fishguard.

If anyone can add to this list, then please do so, either via this blog or the contact form on the Welsh Kite Trust website.

The lone female at Fishguard

The Male at Rainy Rock, Marloes