Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Poss Baird's, still at the Gann (Tues evening)

The sandpiper was again at the Gann between 7.30-8pm, but not giving easy views. The flock of small waders had increased to 85, mostly Dunlin, 6-8 Sanderling and 6 Ring plover. It can be a devil to pick out as the flock is very mobile, settling for a only minutes before doing little flights. Derek arrived just in time to get a look before a Sparrowhawk came through the flock. All vacated the Gann and hadn't returned by the time we left around 8.30. Frustrating! Derek has just text to say the flock of waders (56 Dunlin, 1 Grey plover) are back on the Gann this morning.