Friday, 22 May 2020

Coed Glynaeron

Coed Glynaeron is one of several commercial conifer woodland plantations in the Preseli area that is managed with a high priority given to biodiversity, and being less than 2 miles away is always well worth a visit. The highlight of a walk there on Wednesday was a flock of 60 crossbills, definitely the biggest count at the site this year for me. Two pairs of ravens appeared to have fledged chicks, or perhaps one large brood had split up and moved to different parts of the wood. Hearing the constant calls of cuckoos, often singing from the interior of the woodland as well as from the moorland in the distance conjured up a feeling of being in a bygone era; it does seem like ages since I've heard them in woodland.

At least 5 each of singing redstarts and tree pipits joined a constant chorus of blackcaps, garden warblers, whitethroats, willow warblers, and chiffchaffs. A wood warbler nest with 4 eggs was found very close to one of the tracks, given away by a female flying off and calling. The only other sign of this species was a male singing at the other end of the woods, which must be a different territory. The only species that was expected but not seen, was spotted flycatcher, though many are yet to arrive back from their wintering grounds.