Thursday, 15 October 2020

A pleasant Day...

 Sort of anyway, spent a couple of hours with Brian around Dale trying to find these fabled Yellow Browed Warblers that seem to dropping out of the sky like aerial Lemmings to no avail, never mind, the weather & the Pembrokeshire scenery more than compensated & I`m happy for those who do manage to see them! I ventured to the Gann later in the afternoon which offered minor compensation in the form of 4 Grey Plover + 1 Golden one tagging along with them. { see pic} Also present Mervyn Hopkins, Graham Brace, ( + 2 more whose names my memory refuses to recall - I offer my apologies!) George & Fiona,
Dave Astins who gave me a thumbs up as I drove past the Gann. Also Pete & Rosemary Royle. Today my tally has been 1 Firecrest, 5 Sparrow Hawks, 2 GS Woodpeckers the 5 Plovers & a flock of some 40(?) Fieldfares flying over me as I was driving through Hasguard Cross early this morning, also seen by Rosemary.