Monday, 12 October 2020

Great Spotted Woodpecker - migrants

 A movement from the East...

(Richard Dann - on Twitter)   Just had my 1st ringing recovery from my garden ringing. A juv Great Spotted Woodpecker ringed on Pennard Cliffs, Gower 29 July 2020, recovered near Marloes, Pembrokeshire 10 Oct 2020, 73 days since ringed, 76 km WNW direction.

I have just been in contact with Richard who adds... I’ve had 4 (Great Spots) flying overhead westwards here this weekend along with the Mipit and Skylark movement. I’ve not seen that before. (Richard Dann)

Whilst I was on Skokholm in October 2018 we caught a Great Spotted Woodpecker, and I am aware that Greg on Ramsey has recorded at least 4 Great Spots this Autumn. (Rich Dobbins)