Monday, 12 October 2020

YBW, Dale

A late afternoon mooch around Dale and the airfield, almost mirrored Skokholms birds. Apart from a scattering of Pied wagtails, the village was surprisingly quiet in the late afternoon sunshine. The track up despite buzzing with midges only seemed to hold Robins. The breezy airfield was at least a little better. A pair of Kestrels were having a bit of a spat, until some Jackdaws broke up the squabble. A Whinchat and a bright yellow Willow warbler flitting along an old overgrown track at the top of the SW-NE runway, brightened things up. Otherwise 3 Wheatear and 4 Snipe. On the walk back down the track the blackthorn was much busier, the Robins were ticking and chasing around, some Great tits and Blue tits and Goldcrest were calling and whilst scanning around a silent Yellow-browed warbler appeared. It showed pretty well but never long enough for a photo and only gave a couple of quiet calls (SM 80367 05929).

 Last light at the Gann, the 3 Grey plover were still here and 20 Wigeon on the foreshore. 2 Canada geese flying in from the haven, had me hoping for something better. See what tomorrow brings.