Submission of Bird Records in Pembrokeshire

Local birdwatchers and those visiting the county can contribute to the Pembrokeshire Bird Report by submitting their records to the County  Recorder, Jon Green, at Please note that records submitted to the Pembrokeshire Birds website will not reach the Pembrokeshire Bird Report unless supported by a written record. Please send in your records as soon as possible in the new year, certainly by 31 January. In the case of unusual species, records should be submitted, with the required description, as soon as possible, preferably within one calendar month of the sighting. Further details can be found here.

Annual records should be submitted on a spreadsheet which can be accessed in two ways.
  1. Request a spreadsheet by E mail from Jon Green at  
  2. A spreadsheet can be downloaded by clicking here
    Once a new page from Windows Live appears click on the PBG Recording Form 1 spreadsheet icon or click the Download button and save the spreadsheet to your computer. When you have compiled your records on the spreadsheet e mail back to Jon Green.

Alternatively if you are a regular user of  Birdtrack  you can download your Birdtrack records in spreadsheet format at the end of each year direct from Birdtrack and send them on to Jon Green. To do this log into Birdtrack then click on “Explore my records”. On the page that opens complete the following options

1. Dates - Choose “Select a year” e.g. 2014
2. Locations - Choose “Select/Filter Geographically”  -  Pembrokeshire
3. Species - Choose “Select All Species”
4. Click “Go”
5. On the page that then opens click on the Excel spreadsheet icon at top right of the table of records.
6. Open the downloaded spreadsheet and choose the Details tab at the bottom. The spreadsheet can then be saved to your computer and sent on to Jon Green.

Recording your sightings on Birdtrack on a regular basis has the advantage of sending records in direct to the BTO where they are used for a variety of conservation purposes. Use of Birdtrack’s spreadsheet download facility for annual records avoids the need to maintain a separate set of records for the County Bird Recorder. It is, however, necessary to send the spreadsheet downloaded from Birdtrack, as described above, to Jon Green i.e. Birdtrack records will not be picked up automatically by Jon.