Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Ring-billed gull still Llys-y-fran

50 gulls on the water when I arrived at 5pm, one of which was the Ring-billed gull. Interestingly after bathing it flew westward with a group of LBB and not seen subsequently. A fairly modest roost of perhaps 750 gulls (mostly LBB, 50 Herring, 2 GBB adults, 20 each BH gulls and Common gulls). Stayed until 6.30 with the mist becoming fog, but still huge numbers of gulls in the field on west side of reservoir and a massive flock arriving from south as I got back to car park, an estimate inc these would be around 2,000. 3 pairs of GC grebe displaying and 2 pairs Goosander.