Saturday, 2 May 2015

Martin's Haven and the Gann

A few records from yesterday; it's all a bit wet out here today!
In the valley we had a steady stream of Chiffchaffs (often singing) and Willow Warblers all day; perhaps a dozen total at any one time along with a pair of Blackcaps and two singing male Whitethroats. A very smart male Reed Bunting was a nice surprise.
There seem to have been a lot of Pheasents that survived the winter and shooting season: several in the Trehill Farm fields, and one in our garden that engaged in a fierce display against another on the Deer Park rath at six in the morning!

On the Gann at high tide 2Whimbrel, a Snipe, an irritatingly distant group of 7 godwits (two in full summer plumage), and two Dunlin. Given the extent of the red on the godwits (all over) I am inclined to think they were Bar-tailed, but they were on the far side of the pools.