Thursday, 28 May 2015

Skomer details of Black Stork (Monday)

Ted and I were on Skomer on Monday carrying out the LBB Gull eye-counts 
when Ted said in not too calm a voice- 'Dad there's a Stork', we both 
got onto it as it flew West along the North coast of Skomer, immediately 
identified as a Black Stork. Ted rattled off a few pics ( at about half 
a mile ). We then saw it turn North, but we were going to lose it behind 
a ridge. As we phoned others on the island we ran to the top of the 
ridge but never saw it again, you just wonder how such a massive bird 
can disappear so quickly ! At least now we know where it went.
We also had a beautiful S/P Great Northern Diver flying North on Sunday 
(Ted + Mike Wallen)