Monday, 21 December 2015

Angle Area

I took advantage of a rare sunny afternoon today with a visit to the usual spots out Angle way. At Kilpaison the tide was nearly right up and I suspect most waders had departed to roost. There were, however, 2 Grey Plover (not often seen here) on the waters edge and an even split of small waders with 23 Ringed Plover and 24 Dunlin. I didn't hang around as the wind was howling into the bay.

Round at Angle Harbour it was more sheltered and amongst a couple of hundred Black Headed Gulls there were at least 2 adult Med Gull though, ironically, I couldn't search thoroughly as the low sun was right in my eyes.

On to Castlemartin Corse. On the walk out to the hide a lot of birds got up at the far, East, end of the Corse - at least 600 Lapwing and 250 Golden Plover. I spent a little over an hour in the hide but failed to see any Harriers. Compensation came in the form of a Kingfisher which came and perched a couple of times on the fence and post by the waters edge and a Merlin which drifted past in the company of a group of Lapwings heading towards Starmans Hall. Otherwise a Grey Heron came past and landed briefly nearby and there were plenty of Snipe around both on the vegetation at the edge of the reeds and flying around - 50 minimum. Walking back a Sparrowhawk reversed the usual trend by chasing a Crow.