Saturday, 23 January 2016

Castlemartin Corse - Friday

From Phil Davies - Just thought I would share this info with you. I was in the hide from approx 11.30am until 3.45pm today (22nd).
I had seen on the blog that two Marsh Harriers had been seen recently, well today, at approx 3.30pm  there
were 4 birds present. 
The decent photo which I have attached was taken just approx 60/90 seconds before the poorer of the pics. 
The good photo was quite close to the hide, and two more Harriers passed behind and moved towards Freshwater West.
The closer two flew back down the corse to the east. I waited around for another twenty mins or so but only saw the impressively marked female. Be interesting to know if anyone else has seen more than the two birds.