Monday, 25 December 2017

Landshipping area and Angle Bay

Yesterday at least 6-700 chaffinches were estimated to be feeding in some weedy stubble fields near  Landshipping. This was the largest chaffinch flock we've seen around our local patch for some time. At least 3 bramblings were with them and there were probably more. Surprisingly we didn't see any reed buntings or yellowhammers with them but it wouldn't be surprising if there were some feeding in these fields.

Teal numbers (in excess of 1,000) have increased in the Eastern Cleddau/Daugleddau area. There were c. 250 lapwings and 700+ dunlin on the shore near Landshipping Quay.

We noted today that one of the teal drakes was displaying a white nasal-tag Q3. It'll be interesting to find out where this one was marked!

This morning over at Angle Bay there were 62 pale bellied brents (none ringed) at the Kilpaison end where wigeon numbers were still high - c,1,000-1,500, many flying around. There were several pintails with them too. Several hundred dunlin came in to roost at high tide.

Part of the roosting Brent Goose flock 
Just before we headed over to the the village/harbour-side we had a brief chat with Derek G - over this side of the water again for a change. The seemingly over-wintering whooper swan was still present. Today being in the harbour area with 21 mutes and a great crested grebe was offshore.

Deteriorating weather conditions unfortunately forced us to abandon a planned circular walk but at least it was dry for a while.

Happy Festive Season!