Sunday, 8 April 2018

Iceland Gull, Sandwich Terns... The Teifi

A juvenile Iceland Gull and 4 Sandwich Terns from the Webley this evening.
(Jon G)
All 3 species of common hirundine in a flock of c100 feeding over the reeds this evening, much less than last nights 200 Swallows, 100 Sand Martins and c20 House Martins.
Due to no commercial cut of the reeds near Mallard Pond which attracted the Pied /White Wagtails in a pre roost gathering, the birds are roosting elsewhere. c100 Wagtails seen in the distance last night on wires upstream of Heron Pond, very few around this evening.
A flock of between 8 -16 Black-tailed Godwits have been on the Marsh for several days, sometimes even feeding in one of the adjacent sheep fields - unusual behaviour for here.
(Sev obs)