Monday, 2 December 2019

Teifi Marshes and river this afternoon

We had quite a nice walk through Teifi Marshes reserve this afternoon. The 2 goldeneye mentioned by Richard were still present on the river, along with 4 wigeon and good numbers of mallard etc. 

It seemed fairly quiet bird-wise but nice non-the-less to watch a female kingfisher feeding in the creek. She managed to skewer two small flatfish in successive attempts, although appeared to have some difficulty swallowing the fish. 

There was a typical mix of gulls building up, resting and bathing on the river (Cardigan-side). These were mostly Herring and Black-headed but also small numbers of Common Gulls (no obvious rings!) and an adult/near adult Yellow-legged Gull showing a typically fairly large red gonys spot quite well.

Noting Sam's earlier comment about guillemots at Needle Rock. Arrivals at colonies can often occur from about this time of year. It wouldn't be surprising if some were were present at other colonies too.