Tuesday, 12 January 2021


A total of just 13 Brent Geese this afternoon, 1 of which was the dark-bellied adult.  Far less gulls around today (no ploughing nearby) but there were some 100 Lesser Black-backs (all adults) on the beach.  At least 1 sinensis Cormorant and 4 adult Mediterranean Gulls.  Not often I get close enough to a Redshank for half decent photo, so it was nice to get some of '88' from the road (which was ringed here on 7/12/20).

Even groovier was finally being able to read the metal ring of this Jackdaw which we first saw in the garden on Sunday and a series of photos today identified it as EK06684, which was ringed just down the road at Mullock by Steve Sutcliffe.  The best bit was that it was ringed as a chick on 26th May - 2007!  So it is nearly 13 years and 8 months old, not quite as old as the oldest ever recorded (which was 18 years and 26 days) but well over the average of 5 years.  Many thanks to Steve for the prompt & thorough information.