Sunday, 10 January 2021

Haverfordwest - Urban Birding, Saturday

A rural market town at the end of an estuary with tidal reedbeds at one end and a meandering river in a floodplain at the other end is probably about as good as it gets for urban birding. The only thing missing is a lake. You can even watch colour-ringed birds right outside the local Costa coffee shop, which is still open in the lockdown. Today's bird:

This Black-headed Gull was probably ringed in Essex. I have reported it and asked for details which I will post when I get a reply.

Earlier on the daily walk, the local Old Mill Nature Reserve's Peregrine was just resting after finishing off lunch. The scene was too gory for pictures with entrails hanging from the tree and what looked like a long feathered neck hanging from the ivy. There were small white feathers on the plucking branch and the ground was covered almost entirely with only white feathers, although the longest seemed smokey or dirty near the ends, so the victim was probably a Little Egret. I could not see any yellow feet around.