Monday, 22 February 2021

Haverfordwest - Peregrine, Goshawk, etc

Today that Peregrine was again back on the favourite branch north of the town centre after being missing for a few days. Today, tea was around 4pm and apparently a Collared Dove, judging by the feathers below, and clearly enough to fill the crop.

A few minutes earlier a male Goshawk circled briefly over the woods and flew eastwards over Morrisons car park. This is presumably the same bird that was around yesterday and has been seen a couple more times in the last two weeks in the valley, on one occasion circling the hospital chimney.

Yesterday the town's pair of Dippers were apparently checking out possible nest sites. A Grey Wagtail was singing loudly nearby and a Kingfisher flew past as I was watching them - almost too much to look at.

Earlier on the Sunday walk a Chiffchaff was lurking in the riverside scrub at the end of the wall by the car park at Higgons Well, which should be a good location, when allowed, for any photographers who don't like carrying their kit, as a Kingfisher regularly poses nearby and various waders make it up as far as the gasworks reeds and gravel bank.