Thursday, 4 March 2021

Many Shades of Grey

I've carted my scope with its new 20-60 eyepiece up to Carew Millpond on several occasions in recent weeks, thinking I must work on my large gulls, only to find no gulls at all. The operation of the sluice governing whether there will be water or mud in the millpond appears to be completely random. Today there was a select group of large gulls which appeared to cover quite a bit of the herring-LBB spectrum - these, for instance - and my scope was at home, as we were just out for a quick walk.

They all had very muddy legs, and the light was poor....graellsii types at the back [?], four look darker, and one (centre right with his back to us) a bit lighter...comments gratefully received....

An adult Med gull dropped into the channel for a wash and brush-up, and then fed on the mudflats near the castle with black-headed gulls.