Friday, 14 May 2021

Ooh, that one looks different!


So Sea Trusts photographic ace, Ken Barnett was filling his boots with porp pic;'s on Wednesday after a bit of a porpoise drought  over the past couple of weeks. As usual he uploaded some onto the Whales in Wales Blog. Some really nice porpoises and on the second one, a couple of bonus hold on, that's an odd looking Manxie, i thought, looking at the one in the top of the pic. 

Images: Ken Barnett/Sea Trust

So i got back to ken and asked if he could enlarge the pic at all. He did, he apologized that they were a bit fuzzy but they still looked wrong for a Manxie, wings much broader, browner, a bit more butch all together!

I sent the pic's to the boss GHR, (Graham Rees) to see if he would confirm my suspicions. Today he rang to say that he thought it was "probably" a Balearic! OK not absolutely certain but it will do for me!