Saturday, 11 September 2021

Castlemartin Corse, West Williamston

WEBS this morning at the Corse - pretty dire, not surprising considering the state of the place. 5 grey heron (2 ads, juvs - bred nearby?), 6 mallard, 5-6 water rail (heard). Of most interest were a noisy flock of 14 chough in the long grass in the "dune restoration field" S of Starman's Hall, and a female sparrowhawk sparring with a crow. 

PM, one osprey still reliably on the post at West Williamston - flew downstream and disappeared round the corner into the Cresswell River. A male peregrine flew over. What with a buzzard on the way home and a red kite over the garden, a 5-raptor day here in S Pembs.