Monday, 20 September 2021

Correction - it's a Wood Sandpiper!

I'm grateful to Dave for texting me to point out that my Green Sand (see below) is a Wood! I did consider this at the time, but decided the continuation of the supercilium behind the eye was just too faint.... Leg length hard to judge as it was standing in water. I last saw the two species side by side in Mallorca in 2015 (at the Water Treatment plant on the S side of La Albufera), and had the supercilium discussion with a fellow birder on the viewing platform....

Anyway thank you Dave, this is how we learn! A Pembrokeshire first for me, if I'm allowed to count it having misidentified it. Saturday's (qv) was seen in flight only, but looked and sounded like a Green.... Here's yet another view of that supercilium