Sunday, 12 September 2021

Wryneck and Dartford Warbler 11/9

From George Mee:

Yesterday morning Fiona and I had a look at st Davids head. Generally pretty quiet, only a handful of willow warblers, and singles of blackcap, whitethroat and chiff in the valley. Just above Porthmelgan a dartford warbler appeared breifly in the gorse. 

Later I decided to have a look at Dale airfield. A couple of whinchat along the eastern fence line made for a good start. Two tree pipit, one flying over, and a second settled briefly with the wagtails on the stony field. 15 or so wheaters too, including some big northern types. 

At the far end of the airfield I flushed a wryneck from the scrub near the coastpath. Unfortunately it proved pretty skulky, as the cloud set in. Within meters of where it was flushed from were numerous ants nests, showing some damage.