Friday, 8 October 2021

American Golden Plover - Dale Airfield

That stony field at the airfield was fairly quiet this afternoon, with just a couple of Wheatears and some Skylarks and the usual Meadow Pipits, but a good scan with the scope produced a hoped for yank, a juvenile American Golden Plover near the bank by the western taxi-way, in the Dotterel area.


Perhaps this site deserves a hide - or maybe it is just well-visited. Sometimes it seems there are more birders than birds. Nice to meet Brian who relocated the plover after it had wandered off. He can probably post a better picture.

Earlier at the Gann, there were at least 13 Little Egrets on the marsh at high tide. On the beach was a Kingfisher, inevitably disturbed by dogs along with a handful of Dunlin. About seven Bar-tailed Godwits were mingling with the Curlews and three Grey Plover turned up at the car park end. The gull roost on the beach included at least five Mediterranean Gulls and an argentatus Herring Gull.