Saturday, 9 October 2021

Strumble Surprises!

Strumble 11 am-12 pm, mainly cloudy, light SW breeze.
The tide was dropping and porpoises began to show .I had brought my scope but did not need it to see the first surprise of the day when a GS Woodpecker flew past!
A few Groups of Kittiwakes began to pass and not so surprisingly, a Bonxie was following along. The Kitties kept on coming along with bunches of Auks and then the second surprise of the day, a Juv Long Tailed Skua! Its heavily barred upper tail coverts, light build and its half hearted attempt at mugging a passing Kittiwake all added up to my first for a few years!
A bunch of a dozen Sand Terns was next on the menu and then six Scoter including two brown birds. Odd comic Terns, mainly Arctics rolled by and a couple of large skiens of Scoter brought the total up to circa 50+ mainly males.
I had been joined by a keen visitor and when a couple of Risso's briefly popped up he was quick to get on them, a first for him if rather a brief view!
A couple of adult Med Gulls finished off the session nicely! all in all an a pleasant hour of Strumble surprises!