Sunday, 21 November 2021

Another even longer distance Barn Owl movement to Pembs

On 7 Nov. Andy Jones, who works for NRW, found some remains (tarsus only) of a Barn Owl on a farm just to the east of Lamphey. Fortunately, the tarsus had a ring on it FJ33345. The finding details were sent to the BTO who confirmed that it had been ringed as a nestling (a female) by the Mid Wales Ringing Group at a site south-east of Machynlleth, Powys on 18 June this year - 125km away

Most Barn Owl recoveries in Wales have been less than 20km from their ringing site (Ref: Birds of Wales, 2021) so this is another interesting long-distance movement for this species into Pembs. this autumn. The other recent one being found a few weeks earlier at Castlemartin Corse, reported in earlier postings by Richard Crossen and Richard Dobbins et al. 

No corpse was found which was a pity, but we assume that the owl had been predated by something. Bits of flesh on the tarsus had not decayed much, so it might have only been dead a few days at most when it was found.