Saturday 25 November 2023

Jack Snipe - Marloes Mere

I spent almost three quarters of an hour in the Britton Hide at Marloes Mere earlier today, mainly looking through dozens of Snipe to see if I could find any Jack Snipe among them. The photos that I took show at least one Jack Snipe, which was at the far right of the nearest reeds to the right of the hide. During the time that I was there, a Ringtail Harrier flew over putting most of the Snipe and Wildfowl up, but it was going too fast for me to get a clear view as to which kind it was. 

I could see no sign of the Whooper Swans that have been reported recently, but there were still some Tufted Duck present amongst the wildfowl. It was great to have a much clearer view from the Britton Hide.

On another note, I spotted a male Pintail amongst the Wigeon at the Gann earlier this week.