Friday 16 February 2024

Rosebush and Llys-y-fran

Rosebush reservoir: no sign of the RN duck at 3:30pm, 6 Tufted duck (4m) and a drake Goldeneye.

Llys-y-fran: roost spread and higher up the reservoir than recent visits. 1,500 BH gulls and 2,500 LBBs at 5pm. 7 Mediterranean gulls (5 adult, 2 3cy), also an adult BH/Med cross. 3 GBBs. 6  Yellow-legged gulls (4 adults, a 3cy and a 2cy). 2 bruisers of  Argentatus Herring gulls (an adult and a 2cy). Some shooting on the far side lifted everything off the water at dusk, looked like many more gulls than the earlier count with some LBB still coming down just as I was leaving at 6pm. 250 Canada geese, 4 Goldeneye (2m), min 6 GC grebe.