Tuesday, 13 August 2019

Gann (again!)

Sorry for all the Gann posts, but as we now live overlooking the lagoon we tend to look at it quite a lot!

2 Common Sandpipers still today, along with a single KnotLittle Egrets have increased to 3.  2 Rock Pipits at the top of the lagoon were a nice addition to the house list.

Most exciting was being able to read 2 Redshank colour rings - numbers 15 & 50.  Details sent to Mike Sherman who has quickly confirmed the details - 15 was ringed on 22/12/2017, has been trapped twice since, but never re-sighted until today.  50 was recorded by me back on 27/6, so has presumably been here the whole time, I just haven't got lucky enough to see the rings.  Handheld digiscope photos below, not of the highest quality but very functional.  There were a total of 22 Redshank, including a group of 12 juveniles together.