Friday 6 September 2019

A bird in the hand!

Today (5/9/19.) thanks to Dawn, and the Stena Security guys that I had asked to pick up any stranded Shearwaters for us, we had a bit of a surprise. On opening a rather small box, at our Ocean Lab base, I found a beautiful little Leaches Petrel inside. 
I immediately rang my old mate Rich Dobbins, expert bird ringer so he could asses its age and health. I was pleased with Richards assessment that it was an adult and in good nick! It had probably been lured into the port where it was found,by the bright lights. 
He was delighted as it was the first he had ringed as was his fellow ringer Alison who also came to see it! Rich explained some of the whys and wherefores of ringing to some of our interns giving them an insight into this fascinating side of ornithology. They also ringed another Manx Shearwater someone had handed in!

The feisty shearwater drew blood screaming like a banshee, despite Richard and Alison's careful handling. Thanks to Rich and Alison for their swift response. Both birds will be released unharmed to carry on with their lives on the ocean!
(Images : © Sea Trust/Cliff Benson)